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A Dynamic City


Paramount is a uniquely dynamic, attractive, and well-run municipality characterized by a balanced combination of residential, industrial, and commercial developments.

Businesses are flourishing in Paramount due to a number of factors: the City's convenient location that is near four major freeways, the Los Angeles International Airport, and the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles; its attractive land prices; its business incentive programs; and a business-friendly reputation.

The City's small-town feel is reflected in its quaint, tree-lined neighborhoods, white picket fences, wide array of recreation programs, superior police service, many parks, affordable housing, public art, and landscaped boulevards. All of this helps create a place that people are positively proud to call "home."

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City History

The Early Years


Before Paramount became a city in 1957, the area was made up of two small communities called Hynes and Clearwater. The towns were home to a number of dairies, which in their heyday had 25,000 cows. By the early 1930's, in fact, Hynes boasted the largest hay market in the world, handling 135,837 tons in 1932 (Kansas City was second that year, with 111,943 tons). Each morning under the "Hay tree" (still to be found at Paramount Blvd. near Harrison St.), the day's price of hay was set, then quoted around the world.

Ice Skating / Zamboni Machine


Another landmark in the history of early Paramount was Iceland, an ice skating rink opened by Frank Zamboni in 1940. The facility has been a training ground for professional skaters throughout the years, from Sonia Henie to Dorothy Hamill to the youngsters who learn the sport there today. Zamboni also became well known for inventing the Zamboni Ice-Resurfacing machine, which is used in ice rinks around the world. The machines are still manufactured in Paramount, as well as in Brantford, Ontario Canada.

All-America City

As land uses in Los Angeles County changed, and the dairies left for other areas, Paramount met the challenges of an evolving urban city. For its efforts, Paramount was named an "All-America City" by the National Civic League in 1988, and many of its innovative programs have attracted state and national recognition.

The City has published a book titled "The Revitalization of Paramount" which focuses on Paramount's redevelopment efforts over the years.  The book offers insight and useful information about the programs the city has used to transform itself into a successful and thriving community.


U.S. Census
Total Population55,26654,098
0-19 Years40.4%36.3%
20-64 Years52.3%57.4%
65+ Years7.3%6.3%

Financial Profile

The City of Paramount has traditionally been on sound financial ground, showing budget surpluses consistently over the last decade. The City takes a conservative approach to managing its investments to ensure that important services such as public safety, capital improvements, and recreation programs are properly funded. State and federal financial organizations have given the City awards for its financial reporting and management for the last 25 years.

Budget     Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
Salary Information of City Employees: Compensation Report

General Plan Annual Report

The City produces a yearly report on the progress that has been made in implementing the various elements of its General Plan, as required by California Government Code Section 65400. The latest is for calendar year 2014. A number of important projects and programs were carried out during that time, and continue to make Paramount an attractive and desirable city in which to live and work. Click here to view the report.


Outdoor Art Museum

If you enjoy seeing interesting works of art, take a tour of Paramount's Outdoor Art Museum. Throughout town, there are a number of impressive outdoor sculptures that vary in style from abstract shapes to lifelike figures. Go take a look. We bet you'll like what you see.

See photos of Outdoor Art.

City of Paramount

Outdoor Art Museum


In Paramount, providing a quality education for all children is a priority. The Paramount Unified School District operates 16 school sites, three preschool sites and an Adult Education Center.

Paramount United provides many exciting academic, vocational and extracurricular programs. School safety and a healthy, productive learning environment are the reasons the District has been the recipient of many international, national and state awards. Great things are happening in Paramount schools!

(562) 602-6000
Directory of local schools

City of Paramount



The Paramount Branch of the Los Angeles County Library was founded in 1913 - with 121 books - when the area was known as Hynes-Clearwater. It has been serving the community well ever since, and remains one of the City's finest and best-used resources.  The library's phone number is (562) 630-3171.

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