There are approximately 8,000 city owned trees in parkways, medians, setbacks and parks in the City of Paramount. These trees are assigned into nine grids and trimmed by grid once every 3 years by our tree trimming contractors. Staff provides trimming in response to service requests received by the public in order to clear traffic signs or lights.

If you currently do not have a tree in the parkway in front of you home and would like to request one: General Service Request


The next scheduled trimming of all City owned trees will be as follows:

Grid #1: 1st quarter of 2021

Grid #2: 1st quarter of 2019

Grid #3: 4th quarter of 2018

Grid #4: 4th quarter of 2020

Grid #5: 4th quarter of 2019

Grid #6: 3rd quarter of 2018

Grid #7: 3rd quarter of 2020

Grid #8: 3rd quarter of 2019

Grid #9: 1st quarter of 2020