Who can pull a permit?

A building permit may be issued to a California licensed contractor or owner-builder residing in the single-family residence for which the permit is for.  Permits for commercial, industrial or multiple residential projects (townhomes, condominiums, apartments, duplexes, etc.) are only issued to California licensed contractors.

What paperwork do I need as the property owner to pull a permit?

As the property owner, you do not need any paperwork other than proof of identification, typically a state photo ID such as a Driver’s License.  If you have recently acquired the property and the Assessor’s database does not yet show you as the owner, then you will need to bring in your original, recorded “Grant Deed” or “Trust Deed.” If the original is not obtainable, we will accept a certified copy of the deed from Registrar-Recorder’s Office, located in the City of Norwalk.

What paperwork do I need as a Contractor to pull a permit?

As a California licensed contractor, you will need the following paperwork in order to pull a permit.

  • Your State Contractor’s License, generally the wallet card issued by the Contractors State License Board or other documentation that you are the licensee.
  • Your Workers Compensation Insurance Certificate.  If you have any employees, then you are required by State law to show proof of coverage at the time of permit issuance.
  • You will need a current City of Paramount Business License.  This could be paid for at time of permit issuance.
  • An agent may pull a permit on behalf of a licensed contractor however, an original, notarized letter of authorization on company letterhead from the license holder must be provided. The letter must not exceed one year from date of issuance. 

Resources for Hiring a Contractor

You may be considering hiring a contractor to remodel, repair, or upgrade your home or other type of property. We can’t recommend or discourage any particular contractor, but the following link can help you to select a licensed contractor in good standing to help avoid home improvement problems.

The Building and Safety Division, in an effort to assist the Home Owner/Builders, Contractors, and Designers has compiled the following list of links to Building code and design web sites for additional information and resources.